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Washington rental fence chainlink fence


At Emerald City Statewide Fence Rental (dba of Statewide Rent-A-Fence), we have serviced the Washington state area for over 40 years! We are a local, family-owned business, and we are proud of our relationships with our customers and proud of our employees and jobs installed.

We install temporary chain link and picket fence over the entire state of  Washington, as well as northern Idaho and northern Oregon, helping construction, emergency response and event industries. Our rental fence yards are located in Seattle, Pasco, and Spokane so we can cover the territory with ease. 

Our mission is to partner with our clients to contribute to their success and reduce liability by providing temporary fence products and reliable services. 

We truly want to help to make your construction or event a success. We are a small piece of a 1000-piece puzzle but an important one for security and safety. We want to work with you over and over!

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What Is Different About Emerald City Statewide?

  • 40 years of experience in fence rental across two companies. We have a lot of years in renting fence! Almost every job site is different than the other. What worked great at site A, may be impossible at site B. With decades of experience in fence rental, we have a body of knowledge that we can draw from. Many of our installers have long tenure with the company and can successfully resolve difficult situations.
  • We are local. Washington is our state. We have fence rental installations in hundreds of places throughout Western, Eastern and Central Washington state. We understand the differences in climate, winds, soil conditions and work with these to provide you the best installation. Our business is family-owned by Bob and Alina, involved in day-to-day operations every day. Our crews are viewed as extended parts of that family
  • We have several fence yard locations to draw strength from. Our current yards are in Seattle, Spokane, and Tri-cities. We are flexible, helping each yard as needed with supplies of fence, trucks, and installers. When the call came for a job of 22 miles length, we were able to come up with a realistic plan. We can do it. 
  • We are vested in your success. We are not going anywhere - we work with small and large contractors in Washington for decades, we will be here a decade from now and we want to do the next project with you. If a problem arises, our office is right here in Renton, WA and will do everything we can to resolve problems. 
  • Variety of projects. In addition to thousands of commercial fence rental projects, we have worked on tiny tree enclosures in Kirkland, we were taking the viaduct down in Seattle, we worked on military installations or airports. We can have security access, we can respond rapidly to fire damage. 
  • Keeping up with technology. High performance is possible only by keeping up with the technology of fast communications. We use the best electronic tools in order to know where our crews are, what our capabilities are, and coordinate all communications needed to accomplish the right help for you. It is our pride in running the business, in you as our partner, in our office, and crews that you have at your disposal when working with us.