Renting Fence for all of Washington state

At Emerald City Statewide (consisting of Emerald City Fence Rentals and Statewide Rent-a-Fence), we rent temporary fence throughout the entire Washington state, northern Idaho and northern Oregon. We can deliver the panels and drop these off at your site or set them up - for construction needs, security issues, as well as events, regardless of the size. Your jobsite is secure with temporary fence and reputable rental company.

Our fence yards are situated in Seattle, Spokane, and Pasco, WA. We are family owned business, dedicated to servicing Pacific Northwest for a combined 70 years.

Whether it’s a construction site or a temporary location for events, securing the area is crucial for running operations. Unless it’s going to be a permanent fixture in the property, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to put up a fence along the entire perimeter. That’s why we at Emerald City Statewide offer temporary fence rentals.

From chainlinks to picket fences, fabric fences to barriers, and even sound protection, you can count on us to provide the equipment you need so you can carry out your operations on site as safely as possible.

Our mission is to contribute to our customers' success, to increase your safety and security. We provide our services reliably and fast.

Learn more at About Us page, use our Contact Us form, CALL 800-448-7772 or email SALES@rent-fence. com for estimate and to get you scheduled.

The Importance of Reliable Fence Rentals

Setting up rental fences around the venue or site is important for security, first and foremost. It’s a physical barrier to keep those who have no business inside from getting in without permission. In outdoor events, rental fence is helpful in keeping the crowd flow organized.

Chainlink fence has the height and strength and is perfect for protection of your site. Barriers are temporary visual and physical stop to separate the area. Picket fence site is shorter, but very pleasing esthetically and they also get the job done, and especially lend a nice aesthetic touch to a grassy field.

At Emerald City Statewide, you can have your fill of options when it comes to fence rentals. We’ll help you determine which type of fence or barrier will work best for your needs; all you have to do is reach out to us for a consultation. 

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Credible Experience

Our team is composed of experienced members, knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to providing fence rental services. We have 70 years of combined experience in this industry, so we know how to approach different sites catering to different situations or scenarios. 

We have worked on a wide variety of projects, from tree enclosures to large commercial projects, to viaducts and airports, and even military installations. All of these projects with differing requirements have only helped us further learn and grow in our skills as we do our job. 

As a local business in Washington, we take pride in having intimate knowledge of the different places across the state, such as the differences in their soil conditions, wind activity, and climate among others. That’s how we are able to do our job as well as we do. 

We are also available for work at several locations across the state, thanks to our yards in Seattle, Spokane, and Tri-cities. These sites are flexible enough to help each other out in case they need additional support or assistance, so you never have to worry about getting the job fulfilled.

Get in touch with us for your fence rental needs. We’ll make sure to guide you through the process and requirements so you can get the one that best suits your needs.

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