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Silt Fence, Security Fence, Environmental Protection

Silt fence environmental protection sediment


Silt fence is a method of preventing an environmental erosion control. It is made of synthetic filter fabric (geotextile) integrated by wire mesh fence and installed with wood or metal posts. It is intended to trap and allow settlement of soil particles from sediment-laden water. It limits erosion of soil at the construction site and stops the water runoff from creating damage to water and soil. The Silt Fence is 3 ft tall in orange or black color.

Silt fence stakes correctly installed on the downhill side of the fence, with the bottom edge of the fabric trenched into the soil and backfilled on the uphill side, can create a pooling of runoff, which then allows sedimentation to occur. Water can seep through the silt fence fabric, but the fabric often becomes "blocked off" with fine soil particles. Routine schedule of inspection is necessary and can be performed by us or your resources at the job site.



High Visibilty temporary vinyl fence

 High visibity orange fence is 4 ft tall and adds an extra level of safety for your project. High visibility temporary barrier fencing is UV stabilized to prevent fading, it resists corrosion and rot. 


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