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Chainlink Fence Rentals for Construction Temporary Needs

Temporary construction fence - chain link fence during construction is necessary for many reasons:

Safety: A construction site is a hazardous place with heavy machinery, sharp

temporary fence rental construction

tools, and dangerous materials. A fence around the site helps to keep unauthorized personnel out and prevents accidents and injuries.
Security: Construction sites are often targets for theft and vandalism. Having a fence around the site can deter thieves and vandals, making it more difficult and less attractive to enter the site and steal equipment, tools, or materials.
Liability: A fence helps to limit a construction company's liability in case of accidents or injuries to individuals who may wander on site.



According to a report by the National Equipment Register, construction sites are prime targets for thieves due to the presence of valuable equipment and materials. The report suggests that theft of construction equipment and tools is on a rise. But even more important is safety aspect.

As a construction contractor, one of your responsibilities is to comply with all laws pertaining to your construction project. OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, has set federal standards for how construction sites are set up and maintained. One of those requirements is that sites must be made secure by setting up a temporary perimeter fence, with specific requirements regarding height, wind resistance and other technical specifications.

OSHA-Compliant Commercial Fence Rentals

The temporary commercial fence rental at Emerald City Statewide meets or exceeds OSHA requirements, as well as those of Washington State’s DOSH program. Using fence rental, you avoid paying the fines associated with failing to meet OSHA and DOSH requirements, and you increase the productivity of the job by providing a distraction-free work area for employees and subcontractors. Other benefits are avoidance of vandalism and theft, public safety and protection from trash and debris.

Thousands of Feet of Construction Temporary Fence

Statewide Rent-A-Fence has one of the most flexible temporary chain link fence systems in the industry, usually able to enclose a new construction site with sturdy panel fencing quickly. If your construction site covers a very large area and/or requires a greater degree of security, our temporary drive-post fence may be just what you need. Available in various height and with various supplemental accessories to meet your exact requirements, we can meet all your security and safety needs. We can also help with temporary special event, emergency and seasonal fencing, so contact us and call or email us today for a free quote out of Pasco, Spokane Valley, or Seattle, WA.  Rent Construction Fence Now! (our calendar fills fast). 

We are serving all of Washington State including the Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellingham, Olympia, Ellensburg, Yakima, Pasco and Kennewick areas, and parts of northern Idaho and northeastern Oregon.


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