Chain Link Fence Rentals

Temporary Chain Link Fence Rentals

Emerald City Statewide is your go-to source for temporary chain link fence rental needs. Get in touch with us so we can talk about your needs and requirements. 

Are you holding an outdoor event that requires crowd control? Or perhaps you’re staging an event and would like to secure the area where it will be happening. Setting up a construction site that could prove dangerous to pedestrians? A chain link fence rental is a great idea. 

Metal chain link fence is a staple of security for the construction site, building, parking lot or an event. 6' high x 12 1/2' (or 10') long chain link panels are the most popular choice for fence rental. This fence provides security and safety for your project. Other sizes may be available per special order. 

Chain link rental fence can be adjusted to any configuration since the panels are portable and easy to move. Fence will be delivered to your job site and dropped off. At the end of the rental period we will pick it up - just give us a call to schedule. 

Additional service to install and break down the panels maybe possible under a separate contract, check with our sales team at sales @

There is also a will-call available upon special arrangement. Rental contracts can be offered for as short as one day or as long as a year or more.chain link fence Emerald City Fence Rentals

Chain link features are:

  • adjustable configuration clamped together for security
  • fence can be easily repositioned as needed anywhere on your site
  • top & bottom rails provide extra support
  • gates anywhere you need them
  • concrete block bases or metal stands for stable base

Email us at sales @ or call 800-448-7222 

1. Work out the approximate period of time you need the fence for. This can be always adjusted up or down as needed. Decide on the start date of your project.

2. Decide on approximate length of the fence needed for your site. Add 10 to 15% for bracing the fence - temporary fence can be unstable without brace panels in a strong wind.

3. Give us a call 425-271-0138, 800-448-7772 or send an email to with the information above and the address of the location.

We will prepare the quote of the cost for you. A minimum rate before delivery may apply. Set-up if required is calculated separately.

Our team will do everything possible to help with your project. Keep in mind that certain periods get really busy and scheduled far in advance - plan ahead

Temporary Chain Link Fence Rentals

Swift Installation Service

Our process is simple. Give us a call to place your rental order, and confirm the fence type and size details and the date and time you need it set up. We will then head to the location, as per the confirmed schedule, to drop off and pick up the units after your event.  

Not only do we provide the rentals for the chain link panels, we can also take care of putting it up and breaking it down for you as an additional service offer. It’s a full service package designed with your convenience being top of mind.

If you decide to get this add-on service, take note that it may require a separate contract. So don’t forget to communicate with our sales team for a clear and smooth transaction.


Whatever your fence rental needs may be, you can count on us at Emerald City Statewide to deliver emergency fencing when you need it. Our experienced and professional team members are going to be there to ensure you get nothing but top-notch, quality service so you can focus instead on running your event or site as safely and securely as possible.

We are a proud local business located in Washington, with several various locations across the state ready to spring to action to provide assistance, wherever your location may be. One of the best features of these sites is that they are all flexible enough to provide assistance, whether for manpower or supplies, whenever another site does not have enough.

This clearly exhibits our company’s strong work ethic and sense of teamwork. That’s why we are confident that we’ll be able to successfully give you the proper service you require and deserve.

Contact us at Emerald City Statewide for your temporary chain link fence rental service needs in Pasco, Spokane Valley, and Seattle, WA.

Chain Link Fence Rentals     


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