Picket Fence Rentals in Seattle, WA

Picket Fencing

White Picket Fence - an Emerald City Statewide Exclusive!

seasonal fence white picket fairs outddor dining events Seattle fence rentSeattle really comes to live in warmer months with street fairs, parades, outdoor dining and more. Our white picket fence elevates any festival or street fair.

The supply of white picket fence is always in large demand so you will be smart to plan the needs as early in a year as possible. Emerald City Statewide provides a two types of white picket fence rental - we are not able to reserve a specific type as supplies run short. 

The  white picket fence for decorative accents at seasonal businesses, weddings, and special events. These are sturdy panels in few different styles - made of steel frame, stands and posts, finished with fiber slats or vinyl slats and posts and metal stands. We also offer small quantity of brown wood picket fence.

picket fence wedding Emerald City Fence RentalsPicket fence works especially well as a security for borders and walkways. This picture shows our 42" high white picket fence panels, a very attractive people-friendly option. It creates a beautiful accent for any event - outdoor parties, weddings or other special occasions. It receives numerous compliments.

Picket Fencing

Fencing comes in various lengths and features:

  •  highly esthetic design with strong supportive metal stands
  • easy to rearrange, adjustable configuration
  • fence located on hard surface has flat metal stands, no obstruction for walking close
  • can be used indoors or outdoors. 


To reserve picket fence (quantities are limited)

1. Decide on the start date of your project.

2. Decide on approximate length of the fence, always plan on extra length

3. Contact us! Give us a call 425-271-0138, 800-448-7772 or send an email to sales@rent-fence.com with the information above and the address of the location.

We will prepare the quote of the cost for you. A minimum rate before delivery may apply. If you need setup, separate fees and contract will cover that. 

We can:

- just drop off the Materials (panels and bases) at your project site, pick these up when you done or

- our team can install the fence under a separate service contract and break down and remove when needed. 

Double White Picket fence rental for beer garden: 

    seasonal rent fence white picket fairs outddor dining events Seattle

seasonal rent fence white picket fairs sport occasions events Seattle  

White Picket fence rental on a deck: 

Space Needle picket fence Emerald City Fence Rentals 







White Picket fence rental for Indoors:picket fence indoor Emerald City Fence Rentals 
seasonal rent fence white picket indoor event Seattle
Brown Picket Fence in Winter:
Westlake Center Plaza winter season picket fence from Emerald City Fence Rentals Westlake Center Plaza winter season picket fence from Emerald City Fence Rentals