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This fence is a pilot project with a 3-4 week lead time. It is designed for specific applications that require a higher level of security with an upgraded double layer of mesh.

This special fence panel creates more resistance to an intruder. It is made of high-quality galvanized steel with a double layer of chain-link mesh, held by hog rings together. These layers make the fence panels more difficult to cut. 

- Frame size is 6’ tall x 8’ wide and weighs approximately 80 lbs each
- The frame is made from 16-gauge 1-3/8” diameter pipe
- The chain-link mesh is a double layer of #11-gauge mesh, in a 2” diamond configuration
- The double layered chain-link is secured with hog-rings to increase stability
- Tension bars are spot-welded to the frame in multiple locations to increase stability

Price upon request.