Due to the use of heavy equipment and machinery, construction companies must follow strict safety guidelines. This includes proper fencing to cordon off areas undergoing construction. OSHA has specific code requirements for construction fencing. Failing to follow these guidelines can result in hefty fines and possible revocation of your construction license.

What’s Required

Federal law requires a fence to ensure safety of both pedestrians and working crew. The fence establishes a perimeter which defines the boundary between the public and construction zone. The type of fencing required actually differs depending on the type of project.

When it comes to residential construction, for example, the regulations are a little more relaxed. OSHA requires the fence to be a minimum of four feet high and that’s about all. The type of fencing is left to your discretion.

Construction in commercial and industrial areas, however, is a whole other story. Because many pedestrians and vehicles pass the site, a higher fence height (normally six feet minimum) is required. Fencing also needs to be of heavy-duty material and come with additional attachments and/or guard rails for more durability.

Here are a few other OSHA guidelines to consider:

  • All fences must be locked when construction personnel are not present
  • Fences must have signs warning of the safety risk of trespassing, as well as the legal penalties of doing so
  • All stairways, holes, and other unprotected openings around construction areas must be encompassed by a standard four feet railing
  • Construction areas 10 or more feet from the ground require a four feet fencing or a harness worn by employees

We’ll Keep Your Construction Fencing up to Code Requirements

OSHA requirements can be confusing at times. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about this when contacting Emerald City Statewide. We’ve been installing construction, seasonal, and emergency fencing since 1958. By now, we know the OSHA requirements like the back of our hand. Let us worry about the code requirements for construction fencing; you just worry about your construction project. 

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