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Emerald City Statewide represents two businesses: Emerald City Fence Rentals and Statewide Rent-A- Fence, which have been servicing the greater Seattle area for over 30 and 40 years respectively. 

In 2017, both businesses aligned their efforts to service the entire state of  Washington. The yards are located in Seattle, Renton, Pasco, and Spokane. We are local, family-owned and we are proud of relationships with our customers, setting up temporary fence reliably and with dedication. Our mission is to partner with our clients to contribute to their success and reduce liability by providing temporary fence products and timely reliable services. 

We fully understand that sometimes your event may need fence set up by a certain time so other vendors can start their set-ups. So if you must have your fence set up or picked up at a specific scheduled time, we are the ones to call!

We provide galvanized chain link fence on stands or blocks to construction sites, vacant lots, Christmas tree lots, fireworks stands or anywhere fence is needed. In addition, we provide driven-post fence for those locations which require the fence to be anchored firmly in the ground.

We also provide fence for special Events. Our attractive white picket fence is a local favorite! It is not merely some lightweight vinyl. The frames are made of metal and the slats are solid so they will hold up well for crowd control or decorative uses.


Call and talk to us, we love hearing from you - 425-271-0138 or 800-448-7772.

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